Petrol Pump Account Manager

Petrol Pump Account Manager



November 16, 2014
Specifications: This is a software designed for petrol pumps that has full managment system. It gets petrol pump meter reading and then calculate the todays sale value than credit sale and expenses are entered and then total notes are also calculted by software. It gives moe than 50 reports that are commonly used. It has user management system That controls users and there rights The software has builtin backup system It is designed in vb. Net and sql server 2000 at back end.


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Mr. Mr. Azeem Afzal
Company: DigitalSoft
Address: Third Gallery Second Floor Office#1 Rex City, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan , , ,
Zip/Postal: 38000
Telephone: 92-41-535044--
Fax: 92-41-615839--

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